Membership is free to all Three Hills residents and residents of rural Kneehill County.

With your Alberta Library Card you may:

Borrow materials from any Alberta library, college, university or specialty library.
Return materials at any participating library.

Loan Periods:

  • Books - 3 weeks
  • Magazines - 3 weeks
  • Audio books - 3 weeks
  • Audio Visual (DVD, Video, CD or MP3) - 1 week

Overdue fines: $.25 per day per item.

The Library offers a variety of mediums and pieces of equipment to help serve our community.

  • Large screen computer monitor
  • Large keyboard
  • DAISY Reader for those with sight challenges
  • Large Print book collection
  • Audio books
  • Online access to downloadable audio books and e-Books

By becoming a member of your local library, you also have access to hundreds of libraries across Alberta! To answer the question, "What Kind of Library Card do I Need?" click on the PDF below.

What Kind of Library Card do I Need?.pdf691.66 KB