Plan of Service 2019-2023

The Three Hills Municipal Library’s mission is to create connections that inspire discovery, growth and imagination by sharing ideas, resources and experiences with the community it serves.

The Plan of Service outlines the strategic direction that the Three Hills Library will take over the next 5 years. The plan was developed using input from: The Three Hills Library’s Engagement survey, Library Board members, and Library staff.

The Plan of Service was approved by the Board in April 2019.

Goal: Residents will have an increased awareness of the value and importance of
the Library.

Objective 1- The Library will implement a communication strategy to ensure consistent and thorough promotion of Library programs and services across a wide variety of platforms.

Objective 2- The Library will run a series of monthly advertisements in the local paper highlighting a variety of Library programs and services with a goal of increasing Library visits. The effectiveness of this program will be evaluated after 12 months.

Objective 3- The Library will create a Books for Babies initiative by 2021. Parents of infants born in the Three Hills Hospital will receive a board book, baby’s Library card and brochure with reading tips.

Objective 4- The Library will promote its services and programs at a minimum of two community events throughout the year. In addition to our current commitment to attend the annual Three Hills Discovery Night the Library will look for at least one additional promotional avenue each year

Goal: The Library will develop and strengthen its community partnerships and will seek new ways to collaborate with other local agencies and groups.

Objective 1- The Library will strengthen its partnership with Kneehill Adult learning. The Library will offer space for KALS programs, as well as work with KALS to offer new programs.

Objective 2- The Library will pursue partnering in some capacity with at least one new organization or community initiative in each year of the plan.

Objective 3- The Library will develop an on-site digital community bulletin board by 2022.

Goal: Residents of all ages will have access to a wide variety of programming that encourages creativity, promotes informal life-long learning practices, and enhances literacy.

Objective 1- The Library will continue to offer an average of 2-3 programs each week for our preschool and grade 1-4 patrons.

Objective 2- The Library will renew its commitment to our Tween patrons by focusing on improving our monthly book and writers’ clubs. The Library will offer a minimum of 4 additional events throughout the year for Tween patrons and look for additional ways to engage this group outside of program events.

Objective 3- The Library will look for new ways to engage Teen patrons.

Objective 4- The Library will offer a minimum of 4 monthly programs geared towards adults and
seniors. The Library will seek to partner with other local organizations and businesses to implement these programs.

Objective 5- The Library will seek to offer at least two multi-generational events annually.

Goal: Residents will have a safe and welcoming place to meet and interact with others, or to sit quietly and read, and will have open and accessible virtual spaces that support networking.

Objective 1- The Library will refresh existing spaces to provide Library users with a more comfortable and attractive space in which to engage and interact with one another.

Objective 2- The Library will provide gallery spaces for local artists/photographers to display their work. The Library will host a minimum of 3 exhibits per year.

Objective 3- By the end of 2023, 85% of users surveyed will indicate that they feel welcome and safe in the library, and /or take pride in the Library’s facilities.

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